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Todd squints at the field and considers whether it’s possible to enjoy the games like he did before he took on the responsibilities of ownership. (Tom is the only sibling who has a daily role on the team. Once a week, he holds a conference call with his siblings, who, along with a representative from the Tribune Company, make up the rest of the board.) “Mark Twain has a great quote in Life on the Mississippi, talking about when he became a riverboat captain.

“We need to do this as soon as possible or something that may be a small issue can become a very large issue. “The Junior Council believes this animal advocacy is the most important issue because no animal should be treated the wrong way or unfairly. “Adults, teenagers and children need to be educated on what to do if you see an animal being hurt and who to contact if you see a stray animal.

Side note: Bryce Crawford and I were fortunate enough to sample the 6 pick, The Alchemist Ourobouros, at the GABF this past fall. It’s a delicious double IPA worthy of the award. The Waterbury, Vt. The identification of early markers that predict the development of specific social trajectories is critical to understand the developmental and neurobiological underpinnings of healthy social development. We investigated, in infant rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta), whether newborns’ capacity to imitate facial gestures is a valid predictive marker for the emergence of social competencies later in development, at one year of age. Here we first assessed whether infant macaques (N=126) imitate lipsmacking gestures (a macaque affiliative expression) performed by a human experimenter in their first week of life.

Justin Wilson is a member of the Citys Budget and Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee; an appointee to the Commonwealths Juvenile Justice Commission and the chairman of the Board of Directors for DASH. He served two terms as the president of the Del Ray Citizens Association and has held a variety of positions with the Alexandria Democratic Committee. He and his wife, Alex, live in Del Ray with their three year old son.

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to establish criteria for evaluating strategic partners in a network of logistics service providers (LSPs) to show how analytical network process (ANP) can be used to identify the weights of these criteria on a case specific basis, and to investigate whether the ANP model can be used as a starting point to evaluate strategic partners for other LSP networks. In depth interviews are used to draw conclusions on the modeling approach and the model outcomes.Findings: The research shows that evaluation criteria for partners in vertical partnerships between shippers and LSPs are applicable to LSP partners in horizontal partnership networks. The ANP model with criteria weights provides a good starting point for LSPs to customize the evaluation framework according to their specific needs or operating environments.Originality/value: Limited research is available on evaluating LSP partners in horizontal partnerships.

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