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He tells a story of his father’s playing career when, as a wicketkeeper, he grew his own grass at the Wanderers. “He used to bring in his own grass seed and grow it to practice on because he knew if he dived on the grass that was there he would hurt his arms. So he grew his own grass and told the guys not to cut it.

In the hands of Starc, Hazlewood and Cummins, the ball flew through in ways that sorely tested the reflexes of the wicketkeeper Tim Paine, let alone those of Alastair Cook and Stoneman. Their average speed on the day was 142.85kph, the highest such figure in the CricViz database. In his 150th Test, Cook was duly beaten by pace through the air and off the wicket to perish lbw, before Stoneman endured a fire and brimstone spell from Hazlewood that included a stunning blow to the side of the helmet that was followed after the obligatory concussion test with another lifter that flew off the bat handle to within millimetres of being caught by Nathan Lyon in the gully..

On Monday, Janay Rice, the wife of former NFL running back Ray Rice, appeared on NBC TODAY show in an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer about the February incident in an Atlantic City casino elevator. Ray, her then fiance, knocked her out cold, and two clips of the assault were published by TMZ. Ray was intially suspended two games by the NFL, then was suspended indefinitely after the second tape, of him striking Janay, came out.

Read the statement below:Here is the Milton Police Department release in response to the LeSean McCoy allegation. We posted a screenshot (Warning: The imageis graphic):Here are some more details: Police have not released names of victims or suspects in the case or filed an official police report. McCoy had a court case scheduled for Tuesday as part of his efforts to evict Cordon, according to TMZ.

It’s good to be the queen’s confidante. You get to ride horses, soak in mud baths and run the kingdom. Just watch out that no one steals your spot. In Experiment 1, observers kept track of the changing spatial period of a luminance grating and identified the final spatial period after the stimulus disappeared. Healthy older adults and neurological controls were able to perform better than simulated guesses, but only 3 of 11 patients with damage including parietal cortex were able to reach performance that differed from simulated guesses. The effects were unrelated to lesion size.

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