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house speaker butt heads over city

Well dumb your comment is typical of those who allow government to run wild. Apparently you are not fulfilling your role as an informed and questioning citizen. I am not pointing fingers at the Atwater family I am questioning the politician Atwater.

Astronomers will watch for the “wink” from the star as an orbiting planet partially blocks its light. The CCD, which costs $22,000, will be mounted in a specially constructed camera housing to fit at the back of the lens. The entire device will be fitted onto an inexpensive equatorial mount, available at many stores carrying amateur astronomical equipment..

After 30,000 city residents recently signed a petition to force the Bayview Hunters Point redevelopment plan to a popular vote, the city attorney voided the people’s will, ludicrously arguing that petition signers had not been given copies of the voluminous redevelopment plan. Ratcliff is supporting Proposition 90, hoping that squelching the power of eminent domain will thwart the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency’s plan to tear out the heart of yet another black community and replace it with expensive condos, boutiques and 20 bucks a shot sake bars. Her message is that saving California’s inner urban communities from redevelopment’s bulldozer should be a higher priority than protecting the pretty beaches, open spaces and low skylines cherished by rich NIMBYs and the bed and breakfast set.

Early signs suggest that President Obama has no interest in adding much fuel to the inevitable fire. Though he is considering as many as 10 candidates, most observers and some insiders put the odds on his selecting from a short list of established legal minds, all well respected and accomplished jurists who will likely deflect inevitable claims that they are outside the mainstream of legal thought. Here is a look at the leading contenders..

“We have also represented hundreds of bushfire victims impacted by the October 2013 Springwood/Winmalee bushfire and secured millions of dollars of compensation for losses that occurred as a result of that fire. “Quite simply, Carwoola residents have suffered losses that are not their fault. They are losses that would not have occurred had the right procedures been followed.

Couldn work that stupid thing at all and it went through like bang, it was like god pushed it through. So I am grateful for that small miracle. Backed her teammate claim, adding that she like God was directing the whole thing for who they hope will take out the $250,000 prize, they backing Northern Territory couple Jasmine and Jerome..

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