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a national audit of neonatal transport services

Jane Tomlinson speaking in 2004 Salford Triathlon World CupJane’s two daughters Rebecca (then 16) and Suzanne (then 19) joined her for the Salford triathlon, which consisted of a 1500m (just under a mile) swim, an eight mile (12.8km) bicycle ride and a two mile (3.2km) run. Even though the event was held in July, the weather was terrible with continuous, driving rain and a cold, whipping wind. There was a ‘People’s Race’ before the main event, which Jane also took part in, completing it in two hours.

LAMP based methods were developed for detection of plant pathogens with three potential non laboratory testing scenarios in mind: testing during plant health inspection (assays for Phytophthora ramorum, P. Kernoviae and Guignardia citricarpa); testing to assess inoculum levels in the processing of plant products (an assay for Botrytis cinerea); and testing in under resourced settings (assays for Cassava brown streak virus and Ugandan cassava brown streak virus). In developing these detection methods, attempts were made to address some of the specific requirements of potential end users of the tests in each case.For testing in the context of inspection, a particular emphasis was placed on the need for simple, rapid methods for nucleic acid extraction.

(AP Photo/Steven Hyman) MANDATORY CREDITOne month ago, Americans hit the panic button upon discovering that Thomas Eric Duncan had been diagnosed with Ebola. We learned quite a bit over the past few weeks, but we not convinced that we learned how to tamp down the hysteria over a disease that is in reality very difficult to catch. And, as today Viewpoints editorial points out, fear can have significant costs, especially in places where the danger is quite real..

In particular, it is an excellent means for creating starting structures for molecular dynamics and for investigations employing more sophisticated methods.The approach is validated for the hydrogen bonded complexes in the S22 dataset and then employed for a set of metal organic frameworks from the Computation Ready Experimental (CoRE) database and several hydrogen bonded crystals including water ice and clathrates. We show thatdirect inclusion of hydrogen bonds reduces the maximum error in predicted cell parameters from 66% to only 14% and the mean unsigned error is similarly reduced from 14% to only 4%. We posit that with the inclusion of hydrogen bonding, the solvent mediated breathing of frameworks such as MIL 53 is now accessible to rapid UFF calculations, which will further the aim of rapid computational scanning of metal organic frameworks while providing better starting points for electronic structure calculations..

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