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Pedro story and his message remain powerful and relevant. Today, more than 1 million Americans are living with HIV, and 20 percent of them don know they are infected. Infection rates are increasing among certain groups, including women of color. Colorado’s reputation as an open and inclusive place to live, work, and study would be damaged by the choice of Mr. Kennedy as President of the University of Colorado. As a member of Congress, Mr.

Here to offer our parents and caregivers at PUSD an opportunity before school starts to really get a head start on their child education, said Alison Vai from the PUSD Family Resource Center.The boot camp is a three day workshop that features three separate sessions each day and includes topics such as how to prepare your child for college, transitioning to new schools, volunteer opportunities and more.The unique workshops give parents the opportunity to come in and learn from experts on how to help their child succeed academically, emotionally, and socially, according to Vai.Parent University workshops offer parents an opportunity to listen to experts and also ask questions in person.listen to our parents and we really want to provide things that will help their child and their individual needs, explained Vai.The genesis for the boot camp can be traced a couple years back when a parent a who felt overwhelmed and underprepared for their child’s entry into elementary school in the PUSD wanted to feel more connected in the child’s journey.The parent approached the district community resource center and the idea was born to reach out to parents that may feel the same way.I saw the flyer, it was really interesting to me. It very important to me to know the district and there are so many things I didn know that I learned today, explained Morely Paredes, mother of a nine year old student at Marshal Fundamental Secondary SchoolParedes was interested in understanding what resources are available through the several departments within PUSD.good to know because not only does it help me and my son, but now I feel I can be of help to my friends who may not understand certain things that they can do for their kids at their schools, sessions are offered throughout the district and are open to families and students outside of the PUSD.can come. Just because you don have a child that goes to the school where the workshops are offered, we are happy to have you at that school, said Vai.

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