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highway 34 has reopened near tidewater

Yes, I continue to wear a full face of makeup to the beach and yes, I continue to be DAMN proud of who I worked so hard to become.” Amen, girlfriend. You look incredible. Dieting is dead. And at last Saturday open home for 6 Lola Rd, as the sunshine streamed in and sailing boats glided past, those visiting were literally saying as they stepped out onto the full width terrace. True but if you were suitably cashed up, you could really go to town on this house, expanding the top level to create three more bedrooms behind the master suite, as the neighbours have done, and knock out the walls below to create an even bigger whole floor entertainment space below. Still, I could easily make do..

Franklin remained yet in London, dividing his attention between the Royal Society as a scientist and the Court of St James as the de facto ambassador of the colonies. While he was working for peace at the Court, he sent to America an extraordinary pamphleteer whose writings would soon unite the colonies in a revolution. With his keen sense of humour and in light of his eventual humiliation and dismissal from the Court, Franklin must have enjoyed the chain of events by which he inadvertently sabotaged his own peace mission..

To evade being caught in the act, Cronus turned himself into a horse.Centaurus, as depicted on a globe created by Gullielmus Janssonius Blaeu (1602), photographed at Skokloster Castle in Stockholm, Sweden. Credit: Wikipedia Commons/Erik LernestlAs a result, Philyra gave birth to a hybrid son. He died a tragic death in the end, having been accidentally struck by one of Heracles’ poisoned arrows.

Please Be Aware That Around The Time Our Earth Sun Suddenly Unleashes An Intense X Ray Outburst Of Radiation Energy With Increased UV Light Energy Radiation, Which Will Overload Sensitive Communications Satellites Networks And Other Sensitive Ground Based Electronics Including The Electrical Power Grid, Wicked Government Cronies Will Deceive Millions Of Spiritually Unwise Sheeple Into Believing That North Korea Detonated An EMP Nuclear Bomb In The Upper Atmosphere, That China Cyber Hacked The Electrical Power Grid And That Russia Destroyed Communications Satellites Networks, While Under This Smokescreen The Sinister Satanic Fallen Angelic Demonic Powers That Be Covertly Utilize Underground Nuclear Weapons Placed Strategically Along Loaded Fault Lines In Order To Cause A Chain Reaction Of Massive Widespread Destruction Throughout Southern CA And Remotely Detonate Nuclear Weapons Strategically Placed Within Abandoned Oil Well Drill Holes In The Gulf Of Mexico In Order Trigger The New Madrid Fault Line And Artificially Generate A Fast Moving Toxic Mega Tsunami Directed At The Southern States In This Region. Also They Will Cunningly Utilize Fallen Angel Inspired Highly Advanced Technologies In Order To Cause False Flag Unnatural Mega Disasters Throughout The USA While Supernatural Ultra Catastrophic Ultra Cataclysmic Events Are Gradually Manifesting. Also Massive Widespread False Flag ISIS Related Mega Terrorist Attacks Will Be Cunningly Utilized In Order To Further Break Down And Destroy The USA/Mystery Babylon The Great With National Martial Law Declared, Massive Widespread Quarantines, And UN/US Troop Enforcement Of Militarized Roundups Of Remaining Desperate Survivors Civilians Sheeple Into FEMA Camp Corrals Of Death For The First Phase Implementation Of The Satanic Irreversible Mark Of The Beast/Chimera 666 CAR T Cell/CRISPR Chimeric Antigen Receptor Retroviral Nanotechnology Embedded Immunotherapy Therapy Protocols Coupled With The VMAT2 Gene Brain Altering Protocols Designed To Gradually Turn Sheeple Civilians Live Slave Economic Assets Into Snow White Leprous Cursed Chimeran Vampires With Transhumanism Nanotechnologies In Preparations For The Satanic Dystopian Temporal NWO Kingdom Of The Beast In The Year Of 2020 VISION.

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