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hoffman helps senators beat panthers 4

The Andromeda galaxy as seen in optical light, and Chandra’s X ray vision of the changing supermassive black hole in Andromeda’s heart. Credit: X Ray NASA/CXC/SAO/Li et al.), Optical (DSS)The blue dot in the center of the image is a “cool” million degree X ray source where Andromeda’s massive central object, with the mass of 30 million suns, is located, which many astronomers consider to be a supermassive black hole. Most of these are probably due to X ray binary systems, in which a neutron star (or perhaps a stellar black hole) is in a close orbit around a normal star.”.

Alabama’s historic ban of abortion from the onset of pregnancy has jolted the public and highlighted the fragility of reproductive rights. This law comes on the heels of “heartbeat” statutes passed this year in Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana and Missouri, and under consideration in numerous other states. These statutes earned their title because they outlaw abortion at six to eight weeks, when the “fetal heart” supposedly begins to beat.

The son of a plumber, Cooperman grew up in the South Bronx, sharing a one bedroom apartment with his parents and brother. He earned a bachelor degree from Hunter College in three years, then joined Xerox Corp. In 1965. Citizen spoke of his four month incarceration in his native Venezuela on Thursday, two days after he was freed and boarded a flight to join his parents in Southern California. He was arrested in June while taking part in a nationwide recall campaign against President Nicolas Maduro and accused of trying to foment violence. He says a judge dismissed charges in late July, leaving the socialist government with no justification to hold him..

King’s Cross Fire (1987)However, this move wasn’t quite enough. On the evening of 18 November, 1987, a small fire due to a dropped cigarette end began on the escalator leading up from the Northern and Piccadilly lines at King’s Cross station, and although a passenger reported the fire, the unusual nature of an escalator fire meant that few steps were taken apart from the calling of four pumps from the local fire brigades. However, the ticket hall into which the escalators from both the Victoria and the Northern and Piccadilly lines feed was starting to fill with smoke, and for the first fourteen minutes after the fire had started passengers were still being dropped off at the platforms below, with their exit route from the escalators being blocked by a ticket hall that was soon most definitely on fire.

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