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We are writing to call your attention to serious concerns about the potential health risks of the recently adopted whole body backscatter X ray airport security scanners. This is an urgent situation as these X ray scanners are rapidly being implemented as a primary screening step for all air travel passengers. Our overriding concern is the extent to which the safety of this scanning device has been adequately demonstrated.

This paper explores the differences in the use of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system to manage food safety risks in the food chain from farm to fork in the EU and the US. In particular, this paper investigates the current uses and potential expansion of HACCP as a mechanism for the delivery of safe agricultural products, particularly safe produce. It considers not only whether HACCP systems are the best mode of governance for delivering safe food, and describes why HACCP has achieved an important role in the regulatory framework that governs food safety, but asks why this role is different in the EU and US.

We develop a theoretical framework that combines institutional work with a search tool, the technological, commercial, organizational, and societal (TCOS) framework of innovative uncertainties, which identifies key opportunities, hurdles, and potential unintended consequences at early stages of technology development. We present a detailed case study of a potential university based green tech venture developing pathogen detection technology for forestry protection. Foreign pathogens spread by international trade can have major detrimental impacts on forests and the industries that rely on them.

I also call for just common sense, like stop shooting themselves in the foot. I also advocated saving the time outs for the last 2 minutes. Instead of deriding me for having the audacity to propose something that they were not doing, and losing because of it, maybe you should agree with me.

I slept for hours and hours but never felt refreshed by this sleep. I would fluctuate between being boiling hot and freezing cold. Doctors were vague and unhelpful and just told me to rest. Most of my coats are Aritzia so sorry to those whom that annoys, but I have a parka almost like this, with a bigger faux fur ruff, but with the double zipper lining in burgundy that isn’t on their website anymore as my casual coat, two Little Puffs in hot pink and light blue for warmer days/sporty activities, a wool cocoon coat in that pale grey, but from before they used nylon in the fabric blend that is my daily work coat, and this for the 40 kinda days. Also a ski jacket but I try not to wear that unless I’m doing winter sports. And a navy French Connection wool coat I’ve had for years and can’t find online that I wear if I fear getting the light grey one dirty..

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