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hong kong slips into recession

Does “The Cyber Five” ring a bell? It’s what people in the know (hey, that’s us) call the five day span of madness from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. While Black Friday used to be the one big savings day (back in the ancient days when people actually, you know, went to the store to shop), there is now nearly a week of savings: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. (If you’re wondering what to do on Sunday, check out Shop For Good Sunday.).

Researchers at Stanford University found that children as young as three years old responded to the fast food chain’s familiar logo and packaging, saying that they preferred the taste of food coming out of McDonald’s bags to the taste of the same food items emerging from plain paper bags. The scientists asked 63 children between the ages of three and five to participate in more than 104 taste tests with some of McDonald’s most popular items including a hamburger, French fries and chicken nuggets. On average, 48% of the kids said they preferred the taste of the McDonald’s labeled hamburger, compared with 37% who preferred the unmarked burger; 59% liked the McDonald’s branded chicken nuggets compared with 18% for the unbranded nuggets, and 77% said the French fries in the bag stamped with the McDonald’s arches and a smile tasted better than the fries from a plain white bag..

They’re incredibly portable and easy to keep in a purse, wallet or glove box. The blade is 65mm of stainless steel. It’s razor sharp and can be used in an emergency to cut cordage, slice a stuck seatbelt, sharpen a pencil, open a box or maybe (in a pinch) as a tool of last resort self defense.

K., Watts, D. P., Wei, X., Weinstein, L. B., Wood, M. Data was analysed by ANCOVA, adjusted for BMI, gestational age and maternal age. To estimate the difference between groups, mean ratio (MR) and confidence interval (CI) of 95% was calculated. Analysis between Endocan 1 levels and PlGF were made by Pearson correlation.

The Chinook delivers sandbags to plug a gap in the riverbank, to stem the flow of flooding. (PA)The RAF team work to help with emergency flood efforts after the River Steeping burst its banks. (PA)The town was hit by more than two months of rain in just two days, Lincolnshire County Council has said, forcing people to evacuate their homes or leaving them without electricity..

Not only does this find raise the “water budget” for Mars in the past, it also raises new questions about Mars’ habitability. In addition to being soluble in water, whitlockite also contains phosphorous a crucial element for life here on Earth. Combined with recent evidence that shows that liquid water still exists on Mars’ surface albeit intermittently this raises new questions about whether or not Mars had life in the past (or even today)..

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