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Watch: Scheer says it possible to hold socially conservative views and be prime minister. Story continues below video. The NDP leader made the comment following his party first post election caucus meeting. India’s legal and class systems come under fire in the debuting Chaitanya Tamhane’s gently satirical, Court. Owing more to the tradition of Parallel Cinema than Bollywood, this has much in common with Ronit and Shlomi Elkabetz’s Israeli courtroom saga, Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem (2014), which similarly sought to demonstrate how archaic legislation continues to shape 21st century society. However, the 27 year old Tamhane eschews the melodramatic approach adopted by the Elkabetzes in order to take a more detached look at procedures that often seem unfit for purpose and offer insights into the private lives of those who practice law for very different reasons and from markedly different standpoints..

Boku Superfood introduces NEW, improved formula: Discount for NaturalNews readers ends Sunday nightBoku Superfood () remains my top choice for a greens based superfood supplement. It’s loaded with trace minerals, micronutrients, enzymes, organic food concentrates, and it blends deliciously well with cacao, chocolate, bananas, peanut butter, coconut oil and all sorts of other superfood ingredients. Boku is USDA certified organic and I drink it daily (blended with avocado, cacao, almond milk and chia seeds)..

They have no way of knowing what will cause China to freak out, and when. I mean, seriously, who saw the Winnie the Pooh thing coming? That the danger of getting into business with a country like China, and no amount of pandering is going to completely eliminate that risk. Blizzard could be banned from China tomorrow over a meme that springs up suddenly, or some party official could just decide to get rid of Blizzard games from the Chinese market because they competing with some state owned game company..

If you are ready to seek help for your addiction, you surely have questions and concerns. Most likely, one of your primary concerns is going to be, “how much does drug and alcohol rehab cost?” That’s certainly a reasonable question. Before we answer it, we want to share something with you.

An average millennial spends around 18 hours a day on some form of digital media, with a whopping 90 percent of young adults using social media. Neurologists have found that while the areas for problem solving and concentration are developed, the areas of the brain used for communication have been stunted in many millennials.The effects are not limited to social interaction. GPS, for example, shuts down parts of the brain meant for higher levels of thinking.

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