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Way to make this an issue Colonel West to save your failing campaign. It may help, but if this is why you win, South Florida is in for some troubling times. You are a one term congressman at best and you will win because someone messed up, not because you are actually qualified for the job..

The bombs which they showed being loaded up on these, for the operation, were cookies. The four thousand pounder bombs that we carried with the peculiar tail fin added and they were supposed to drop these bombs so that they hit the base of the rock and bring it down. Now, with the four thousand pounder we were told safety height above one of those is five thousand feet or more.

Church Choir members have an exclusive on presale tickets.”We think about our main core of fans first,” the 39 year old said in an interview published Monday in Entertainment Weekly. “It’s been invaluable, letting them have that sense of ownership.Eric ChurchAGE: 39HOMETOWN: Granite FallsALMA MATER: Appalachian State University (graduated with a degree in marketing)FAN CLUB: is called Choir Chief Cares (helps underprivileged families in North Carolina and Tennessee, as well as supporting orphans in Nepal, delivering Bibles to Haiti and providing funding for no kill animal shelters)SURPRISING FACT: He recently launched his own furniture collection, Highway to HomeKid RockKid Rock fans were floored last week when he joined Kenny Chesney on stage in Detroit for the the Love tour.Fans in eastern North Carolina might have been nearly as surprised this spring when the one time rapper was added to the lineup of the inaugural Carolina Kickoff concert, featuring Eric Church. But in recent years, the 45 year old icon has become known for more than hip hop and heavy metal.A multi platinum, award winning artist, he has made hits across genres, from rap and rock in the with singles and to country with a collaboration with Sheryl Crow.Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, released Kiss, a full fledged country album, in February last year.

Apr 16 at 6:25From what I understand, parallax was actually part of the reason for a theory that the planets moved around the Sun, while the Sun and everything else moved around the Earth. Until fairly recently in human history, parallax between stars was too slight to be detected, but should have been detectable unless stars were absurdly big and absurdly far away. It could be fairly argued that saying the Sun revolved around the Earth was less hand wavy than assuming that stars could be so large as would be necessary to make the heliocentric model work..

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