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house democrats join campaign for equal pay

Image: NASA/JPL CaltechIn the time since InSight nailed its landing, mission engineers have been testing its instruments and systems, ensuring they’re in working order. Though the main instruments won’t be in position to do any work for a while yet, an instrument in the Auxiliary Payload Sensor Systems (APSS) is already collecting meteorological data. A pressure sensor detected a drop in air pressure, possibly caused by a passing dust devil.

In Chinese astronomy, the stars of Corona Australis are located within the Black Tortoise of the North and were known as ti’en pieh (“Heavenly Turtle”). During the Western Zhou period, the constellation marked the beginning of winter. To medieval Islamic astronomers, Corona Australis was known alternately as Al Kubbah (“the Tortoise”), Al Hiba (“the Tent”) or Al Udha al Na’am (“the Ostrich Nest”).

Introduction: The current issues with endocrine therapy for treatment of advanced breast cancer include balance of efficacy of therapy versus tolerability as well as hormone resistance. The efficacy of fulvestrant, a selective oestrogen receptor degrader (SERD), has been demonstrated in hormone receptor positive patients previously untreated or treated with hormonal therapy.Areas covered: This article discusses the journey of fulvestrant licensing, its efficacy in combination with other endocrine therapies and the future role it may have within breast cancer treatment.Expert commentary: Within phase III trials, fulvestrant has demonstrated equivalent or improved clinical efficacy when compared with established endocrine agents. In the recent decade, fulvestrant has achieved licensing as a second line agent in non operative advanced breast cancer at initially 250mg, increasing to 500mg.

His speech comes as congressional leaders continue to negotiate on a government spending bill before a Jan. 19 deadline. Illegally as children. In contrast to what many characterize as a long held air of malaise and defeatism, the Senate GOP new guard is expected by most Capitol watchers to embody a more firebrand style of conservatism. Be honest, you can be pretty critical of how they performed in the minority, one Republican leaning lobbyist said, they are aware of that. Factor that will shed light on the direction of the new majority is leadership choices in picking committee chairs.

This paper suggests lessons can be learnt from other disciplines and wider sustainable development policy that champions the role of citizens and user engagement to harness the co creation of knowledge, collaboration and empowerment. Specifically, empirical findings and observations are presented from a case study of citizen engagement around an energy from waste infrastructure development. Recommendations are provided for engineers, planners and decision makers in order to help plan more effective engagement strategies for citizens, building users and stakeholders..

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