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With a quick resurgence of dining establishments along Broadway Avenue, The Davis has been receptive to what the visitors of downtown want from their restaurants. Despite the fact that patrons to The Davis take full advantage of the full bar the restaurant has to offer, as well as coming out on the nights when the restaurant turns into a night club, Tom is working to revitalize the culinary aspect of the restaurant and make it a place where locals can come out and have drinks, but more importantly a satisfying meal. He is a firm believer in giving “creative control to whoever is leading the kitchen to make sure that they can express themselves through their food .

NATIONAL ANTHEM: Players, coaches and other staffers on each team locked arms on their respective sidelines during the national anthem. Packers players released a statement this week saying they would intertwine arms before the game as a show of unity. They asked fans to join in the stands and at home, though it didn appear that many fans locked arms.

Excited state trajectories computed at the complete active space second order perturbation theory (CASPT2) reveal how vibrational excitation controls the molecular approach to the intersection space that drives the photodissociation of a prototypical halogenated methyl radical, namely CF2I. Translating the Franck Condon structure along the ground state CASPT2 vibrational modes in this system followed by propagating the displaced structures in the first excited doublet state simulates specific vibrational excitations and vibrationally mediated dynamics, respectively. Three distinct situations are encountered: the trajectories (i) converge to an energetically flat segment of the intersection space, (ii) locate a segment of the intersection space, and (iii) access a region where the intersection space degeneracy is lifted to form a ridge of avoided crossings.

Such was the work done by Christian and Nabi that they were able to play out Rashid’s last over for the tune of two runs, although that left them needing 33 off 18 balls. Christian didn’t risk leaving much to do in the final over. The 19th effectively finished the game as he clobbered Billy Stanlake for 20 including two huge sixes, which carried him over 4000 runs in the format, leaving Nabi to guide the winning boundary in the final over..

Accessible tourism is a rapidly growing sector of the tourism industry and increasingly recognized as essential to supporting mobility and leisure as human rights (Buhalis Darcy, 2001; Buhalis, Darcy, Ambrose, 2012; McCabe Diekmann, 2015). This has contributed to active research regarding disabilities and mobilities needs in tourism (see Darcy Dickenson, 2009; Small Darcy, 2010), as well as the embodied experience of traveling with disabilities (see Small, Darcy, Packer, 2012). Yet, the ways in which transportation services, accommodations, and tour operators provide for the needs of service animals remains underdeveloped (Pond, 1995; Bourland, 2009; European Commission, 2015) and, indeed, underexamined (see Small, Darcy, Packer, 2012).

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