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how can we capture audience experience with quantitative and qualitative methods

Said there were ton of Heat weight loss success stories on the iPad that blew him away, but he singled out Joe Johnson as the guy who really caught his eye. Why? Joe spent just the final three months of the 2015 16 season with the Heat and he still able to change his body like that. Has a lot to do with the player, but all the compliments and all the rewards should go to the Forans, Johnson said..

This paper presents an experimental approach to investigate the luminous environment in lightweight fabric structures through field study. Buildings selected for the field study included the Engineering Science Learning Centre at the University of Nottingham and the Clarke Quay in Singapore.By undertaking on site monitoring under different sky conditions in the chosen buildings with distinctively different site context, this research project explores how the typical homogeneously lit and rather dull luminous environment in lightweight fabric structure can be improved for enhanced visual interest, visual comfort, and three dimensional modelling under both sunny and overcast sky conditions. Research data obtained from the subjective appreciation of the internal luminous environments and the quantitative spot measurement and mapping of light are compared and discussed.This study concluded that selective use of transparent and translucent components in the ETFE envelope can offer architectural designers the opportunities to create well balanced, yet dynamic lit scenes.

Background: Sleepio is a proven digital sleep improvement programme based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques. Users have the option to join an online community that includes weekly expert discussions, peer to peer discussion forums and personal message walls.Objective: The aims of this study were to (1) explore the reasons for deciding to engage with the Sleepio online community, (2) explore the potential benefits arising from engagement with the online community, (3) identify and describe any problematic issues related to use of the online community.Methods: In total, 100 respondents (70% female; mean age 51, range 26 82 years) completed the online survey. Most respondents had started Sleepio with chronic sleep problems (59% to to 10 years, 35% >10years), and had actively engaged with the online community (85% had made a discussion or wall post).

Experimental challenge experiments confirmed strain EF20 as non virulent; only able to infect in a transient manner that did not result in clinical mastitis. Comparison of the genome sequence of EF20 with the validated virulent strain 0140J identified genes associated with virulence, however these did not relate clearly with clinical/non clinical status of infection.Conclusion: The gain/loss of mobile genetic elements such as CRISPRs and prophage are a potential driving force for evolutionary change. This first whole genome comparison of strains isolated from clinical vs non clinical intramammary infections including the type virulent vs non virulent strains did not identify simple gene gain/loss rules that readily explain, or be confidently associated with, differences in virulence.

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