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CONTEXT: Research on adolescent condom use often focuses on the influence of parents, peers and environmental factors. Although most sexually active teenagers have sex within dating relationships, little is known about associations between the characteristics of these relationships and consistency of condom use.METHODS: Data on 269 participants in Wave 1 of the Toledo Adolescent Relationships Study who had had sex in their current or most recent dating relationship were analyzed in logistic regression models to examine how positive and negative relationship qualities are associated with consistent condom use.RESULTS: Among teenagers who had had sex with their dating partner, both negative relationship dynamics (conflict, partner’s controlling behavior, mistrust, jealousy, perceived partner inferiority) and positive qualities (love, enmeshment, salience, self disclosure) were negatively associated with consistent condom use (odds ratios, 0.7 0.9). Asymmetries in partners’ age, race and school were not related to consistent condom use.

But after a certain point, running sneakers move from “uncomfortable” to “terrible,” notes Dr. Metzl. Again, this is subjective, but if old injuries start flaring up on your run, or that “off” feeling turns into an “ouch” feeling, it definitely time to put the shoes to rest and if you desperate for a jog, you can pull on your cross trainers or weight training sneakers.

Muciniphila abundance, fecal microbial gene richness, diet and bioclinical parameters were measured at baseline and after CR and WS.Results: At baseline A. Muciniphila was inversely related to fasting glucose, waist to hip ratio, and subcutaneous adipocyte diameter. Subjects with higher gene richness and A.

In vivo we determined airway smooth muscle mass and epithelial integrity pre and post thermoplasty in 14 severe asthmatics.In vitro airway smooth muscle and epithelial cell number decreased significantly following addition of media heated to 65C. In silico simulations showed heterogeneous heat distribution; amplified in larger airways, with 60C for airways with an inner radius 4mm. In vivo 6 weeks post thermoplasty asthma control (ACQ6) improved (mean difference: 0.7 [95% CI 0.1 1.3]; p=0.03), airway smooth muscle mass decreased (absolute median reduction: 5 [IQR 0 10]%; p=0.03) and epithelial integrity increased (14 [6 29]%; p=0.007); neither of which were related to improved asthma control.Integrated in vitro and in silico modelling suggested that the reduction in airway smooth muscle post thermoplasty cannot be fully explained by acute heating; nor did this reduction confer a greater improvement in asthma control..

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