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household infection rate in emerging sir epidemics among a community of households

Another set of images of 2004 BL86 and its moon. NEAR Shoemaker touched down and survived for weeks on 433 Eros in 2001 despite not being designed to do it. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft spent months orbiting Vesta the second largest member of the asteroid belt in 2011 and 2012.

This is what’s coming. It’s as predictable as the laws of gravity. When you over populate a planet and use up all the resources, the population eventually finds itself in a resource panic, and mass death ensues.You can observe the same thing with colonies of bacteria on a nutrient rich petri dish: They will expand at an accelerating rate, multiplying their numbers until there’s no more food left in the petri dish, and then they will experience a massive die off.

Michelle Lawrence of Underground Atlanta, which organizes that city annual Peach Drop, said the event typically draws about 100,000 people over 17 hours of New Year events. The evening will include live music, a carnival and stores open late, she said. Visitors carrying alcohol, weapons, pets or lawn chairs would not be allowed in, Lawrence said..

USA’s interest in the game is burgeoning, and they return from international suspension. Perhaps most intriguingly of all, Afghanistan: ravaged by war, but no stranger to the peaceful clunk of ball on bat. As Taj Malik, the coach of Afghanistan, told Cricinfo, his side are in excellent form too..

The public health impact score: A new measure of public health effectiveness for general practices in EnglandAshworth, M., Schofield, P., Doran, T., Cookson, R., Sutton, M., Seed, P. T., Howe, A. Fleetcroft, R., Apr 2013Article in The British journal of general practice : the journal of the Royal College of General PractitionersExpediting cancer diagnosis is widely perceived as one of the keys to improving patient outcomes..

President Obama has signed an executive order allowing the Pentagon to call up reserve troops to combat the Ebola crisis in west Africa if needed. That doesn mean troops will be immediately deployed but it gives the military the option to do so. Response to Ebola.

The date of Zimbabwe’s return to the Test fold will surely come to be seen as a day as significant as any in the country’s cricketing history. Yet the images of Zimbabwe’s Test newbies, alcohol drenched and draped in their country’s flag, performing a lap of honour after that victory, had barely faded from the mind when, a month later, Pakistan arrived and quickly showed that Zimbabwe’s passage back into Test cricket would not be all peaches and cream. They put the hosts back in their place with a performance that bristled with the casual cruelty of the elder brother cuffing an uppity sibling across the ear.

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