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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileWhen Google launched a beta version of its Patent Search, it looked like another fine way to kill time reading about monkey shaped camera bags and the like. But who has the time? Over at Engadget they’ve found someone: the blogger at Ironic Sans, who used the tool to track down a list of patents by celebrities.Eighties rock shredder Eddie Van Halen has a patent for a musical instrument support, designed to allow him to use both hands on the frets while he remains standing. And Michael Jackson and his team apparently patented a “method and means for creating anti gravity illusion”: a shoe design that allows him to lean his entire body without falling.There are some useful inventions mentioned as well, including actress Hedy Lamarr’s patent of a frequency hopping secret communication system that served as the basis for modern communication technologies like Wi Fi and cordless telephones.We’ve always been able to tolerate celebrities being richer, more famous and, with the exception of Iggy Pop, better looking than we are.

Holborn Crash (1980)On 9 July 1980, a train sitting at the westbound Central line platform was hit by the train behind it, which had triggered the emergency system but had not stopped in time. The driver of the train that had become out of control was badly injured, but no one else was hurt. It was later found that it had been a lack of control on the part of that driver that had caused the accident..

He found that the king had fled. He then advanced to the Persian capital, Ctesiphon3, which was at the time probably the biggest city in the world, and surrounded it. Negotiations now took place, and at this stage it became obvious that the Persians themselves were sick of the war and of their king.

Don believe we putting anybody out of business. If because of existing loopholes have moved into areas they shouldn have moved into may have to adjust some of the games that are out there, Thrasher said. What this bill does is tighten up the gambling laws.

If levonorgestrel is taken as directed after unprotected sex, it will decrease the chances of a pregnancy occurring. About 7 out of every 8 women who would have gotten pregnant do not become pregnant. However, research shows that levonorgestrel starts to lose its effectiveness in women who are overweight or obese.

The global spotlight cast upon some of the CIA TMs more questionable activities had a profound and enduring impact upon Indian perceptions of the United States TM government and its external intelligence service. Cultural and political discourse. For the remainder of the twentieth century, and beyond, anti American elements inside and outside India drew repeatedly upon the specter of CIA subversion as a means of undermining New Delhi TMs relationship with Washington..

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