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Without question, as historians of that now cynical art, gifted with 20 20 hindsight would reminds us, he was almost always a captive of the times in which he governed, preoccupied as he, his advisers and generals were with the Soviet Union and the Communist threat. His first two years as president were not only unremarkable, they were strewn with failures unable as he was to push forward with his legislative agenda, the ill advised Bay of Pigs fiasco being the nadir of his political career. And had he lived, would he have taken a different tack in what would become the quagmire of Vietnam? Many have argued, some convincingly that his preoccupation with the “communist menace” blinded him to the bigots in Alabama and the racist menace in his own country.

Izar (Epislon Botis) is a binary star located approximately 300 light years away which consists of a bright orange giant and a smaller and fainter main sequence star. Epsilon Botis is also sometimes knows as Pulcherrima, which means “the lovieliest” in Latin. The name Izar comes from the Arabic word for “veil.” The star’s other traditional names are Mirak (“the loins” in Arabic) and Mizar..

The patient wears their own clothes and lies on an articulated table. A cloth is used to cover the patient’s face with a hole to reveal the eye for surgery. A nurse will be assigned to reassure the patient and be a contact in case the patient has a need for example, to move or cough..

The Beeblecast was pretty insane, wasn’t it? I must have watched it a hundred times, in individual pieces, in production and when completed, and I never get bored of it. I think its brilliance lay in the sheer diversity of the material we were using, and the number of people who wanted to get involved. So we had Mina filming her dog on her mobile phone, B’Elana learning how to sequence photos, 2legs working on an insane homage to Nighthoover, vogonpoet putting together these funny little animations and linking pieces and so on.

Coffee, the dark, bitter beverage worshiped by 21st century workaholics and college students, is an invaluable commodity driving the minds and economies of the modern world. Brewed coffee dates back to late 14th century Yemen, where beans were roasted and ground by Arab monks. Its introduction to Europe in the 17th century, alongside tea, chocolate, and tobacco, was revolutionary, as the new drink replaced alcohol as an alternative to water.

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